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Reflections on the movie Unforgiven

After quite a long time without writing, here I am again. I hope to write interesting things regularly. 
Unforgiven is the kind of film that I can watch from time to time without being afraid of getting bored. A few days ago, I watched it again and I liked it as much as the first time,or even more. The photography, the music, the plot, the dialogues,and of course, the roles of Clint Eastwood, Gene Hackman and Morgan Freeman are simply great.

The French cinema critic André Bazin wrote in his book What is cinema? that “The Western is the only genre whose origins are almost identical with those of the cinema itself and which is alive as ever after almost half a century of uninterrupted success.” (Bazin 140). As Bazin died in 1950s, today one may say that Bazin´s words are not up to date as the number of Western films produced in the last years is very small. Besides, to a certain degree, the genre has lost the strength it used to have in the 50s. Like Bazin, other cinema critics have defin…