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I have prepared a short and practical list of the Kings and Queens of England from 1066-2014.

The House of Normandy (1066-1154) William I William II Henry I Stephen
The House of Plantagenet (1154-1319) Henry II Richard I John Henry III Edward I Edward II Edward III Richard II
The House of Lancaster (1399-1461) Henry IV Henry V Henry VI
The House of York (1461-1485) Edward IV Edward V Richard III
The House of Tudor (1485-1603) Henry VII Henry VIII Edward VI Jane Mary I Elizabeth I

The House of Stuart (1603-1714) James I Charles I
(__Cromwell __)
Charles II James II Mary II William III Anne
The House of Hanover (1714-1901) George I George II George III George IV William IV Victoria
The House of Saxe-Coburn (1901-1910) Edward VII
The House of Windsor (1910- today) George V Edward VIII George VI Elizabeth II

I have also found the traditional aid used in English schools to help students remember the English kings and queens from 1066-2014. 
Willie Willie Harry Stee
Harry Dick John Ha…