29 March 2013

My friend Marcin needs your help


Like last year, I am writing to you to ask you for help. My friend Marcin is having a very hard time. For the past years he has been fighting with all his strenth against a brain cancer that is leaving him very weak. This is what he wrote to me in one of his latest e-mails,

Hi Dario!
Sorry to have taken time to get back to you. It is only now that I start to feel decent after the last chemo.

It's been over 2 years now and regretfully I am still fighting. In the meantime I've had a couple of metastasis to the right eye orbit and surroundings and in January this year I had 6 new tumors located in the head and brain area. Went through Gamma Knife radiosurgery here in Warsaw, which we had to pay for ourselves since NFZ does not refund this procedure,at least not yet. Lots of hassle and uncertainty at that time, but I hope it will pay off. Additionally we decided on an alternative DCA treatment supervised by a Clinic in Canada. I have been qualified for the treatment and am already in therapy. There is no need to travel to Canada since they provide 24/7 supervision of the treatment as well as all medication needed.
It is difficult to say how successful the treatment will be, but we do not want to be reliant on chemo only since it has failed on each occasion. Since I am not working now my workmates wanted to help and signed my up for a Charity that collects money for people in need. If you haven't paid taxes this year I would be  grateful if you could give this 1% of your paid taxes to the specified Charity.
Let's keep in touch and I promise to keep you updated.

Thanks a lot!

So, if you pay your taxes in Poland, Marcin Kikut will be very grateful if you give your 1% to the organization that is looking after him. Remember that this does not cost you anything at all. 
These are the details,
Numer KRS is 0000270809 ( Avalon Foundation)
Cel szczegółowy dla Marcin Kikut, 1418
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