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The Piccadilly Circus murderer. End of the story.

Colette produced the piece of paper out of her pocket and unfolded it. It was the same document the chief inspector had left in the banker’s house. The very same document that Frank the Knife had found at the crime scene and dropped when he got in the wardrobe.
GREAT BANK 6 Piccadilly Circus
SW1Y 4ND 19th November 1930 Please pay to : Mr. Mortimer Brown the amount of15.000 pounds---------------------
Signed ﭺﭮﭩﭴﮜﮢﮠﻁ Clem Smith GENERAL DIRECTOR

The chief inspector turned pale. The sense of frustration and inarticulateness was agony to him. He himself filled up his glass with more than a dash of sherry and downed it at once.
Turpin´s eyes glistened in his rounded face and directing his voice to the two policemen who were still holding their weapons in their hands, he said:
“Gentlemen, arrest the chief inspector for the murder of the banker. Monsieur Brown, you murdered the banker.”
A cold long silence filled up the entire room. The two policemen looked at each other not knowing what to …

The Piccadilly Circus murderer. Part 3

The inspector blinked his eyes, feeling a sudden impulse to attack him before he was attacked by Frank. However, the inspector stood up, opened the window and waved at two of the policemen who were waiting for him outside. They came into the hotel room with their weapons in their hands ready to use them but Turpin said:
“Please, there is no need to shoot anybody.”
In that moment, Frank regained consciousness feeling groggy and weak but managed to make his way to the window in an attempt to jump and escape from the chief inspector. When he realized that if he jumped out of the window he would certainly die, he looked back. Turpin, putting on an expression of reflexion, took a thin and long French cigarette out of a silver cigarette box case and lit it. Then he said:
“Please, sit down all of you. I mean, all of you except you two”, he added while pointing at the two policemen who had just arrived.
Frank sat, then the chief inspector. Colette looked proud of her husband. She lik…