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The Piccadilly Circus murderer. Part 2

Frank was still inside the wardrobe without making a noise. His heart was beating up so fast that he could even hear the pumping of it. He tried to calm down by breathing slow and deep but it did not help much. He knew that the slightest noise would give him away and the chief inspector would put him behind bars. He closed his eyes and cleaned the sweat of his forehead with one of Colette’s polo necks that were hanging down inside the wardrobe.
Colette unrolled the paper and read it. Her exhilaration turned into despair after reading its content. This time, it was Colette who needed a sherry.
“Mon amour, would you serve me a sherry, please?”, asked Colette while she was pushing the piece of paper carefully into her pinkish dressing gown pocket.
“But you barely drink alcohol,” said Turpin while frowning his forehead.
“Well, here you are mon amour,” said Turpin. Colette sat down in the sofa, sipped the sherry and rolled her glass between her hands.
While the chief inspe…

The Piccadilly Circus murderer. Part I

I have written a short story that you may like. 

She lay propped up by pillows as her husband burst into the room to soothe his sore throat with a sherry. The window was half-open and he could easily hear the paperboy reading aloud the newspaper headline: “Dead banker in Piccadilly Circus. Puzzled police call detective Clemont Turpin”.
After gulping down his sherry, he stared at his wife and said:
“Mon amour, how is it possible they know faster than me?”
And Colette replied:
“That is because since Hercule Poirot got retired, the British chief inspector depends on you to solve his most complicated cases.”
Suddenly, there was a knock at the hotel door. The knock was so soft that Clemont did not hear it and after a little while, a noise like a bang was heard. Clemont was approaching the door when he noticed that a man in his thirties was actually entering their hotel room. In panic, Clemont fetched the blue vase from the small brownish table near the door and broke it in the head of…