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The feminine touch

The first time I went to my friend's place was about two months ago. His flat was rather disorganized, and I had the feeling that some more pieces of furniture were needed all over the place, but I did not know exactly where. There were no curtains, the painting was flaking off and there were no traces of decoration at all. The flat was not dirty, but there was a neutral smell that did not tell me much about my host.

Yesterday I went back to his place, what a difference!
The moment he invited me in I noticed the scent of a woman, just like in Al Pacino's famous film. The flat had a different light, the painting was on its place, there was manual decoration in the kitchen's window, there was an additional piece of furniture in the kitchen and there was a lovely and positive message written in the walls of the kitchen: in one wall I could read what life is not about. In the another, what life is about.