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World No Tobacco Day

Today is the World No Tobacco Day. If you smoke, today is the perfect day to quit. Ifyou do not smoke, todayisan excellent day toencouragesomeone you lovetostop smoking.Smoking is not good. The statistics are clearabout itand most ofthe people who dieof cancer is because of thenegative effects ofsmoking. 

Some sources indicate that the "harmful effects of smoking depend onthe chemicals containedinthe leaf. Mainlythere are four:

1. Nicotine: the main component. Itproducesdependence.

2. Carbon Monoxide: It's a gas thatcomes fromthe incomplete combustion ofthe strandofsmoking andanycombustionproduct, starting with the fumesofinternal combustionvehicles, whether gasoline ordiesel.

3. Irritating gases: Gasesthat affectthe respiratory system.

4. Carcinogen: There have been detectedseveralpotential carcinogenssuch as benzopyrene, which are formed during the combustion ofcigarette paper."

Very often, people who smokedo not realizetheharmit causes inthosewho do not smoke. If you smokeb…