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My new book

I am pleased to announce the publication of my new book. Its title is:
Muses and Graces, Serpents and Sirens, Virgins wise and pure... John Milton's other women
It has taken me several years to complete it, and it is the result of countless hours of reading John Milton´s prose texts and his poems.
John Milton (1608-1674) is one of those authors who do not leave anybody impassive. Anyone who has read any of his poems or prose tracts is likely to either love or hate Milton, but very rarely do his readers remain indifferent to his words. His writings have provoked strong and even contradictory feelings in men, in women, and in entire governments.

The book elaborates in detail on the importance of Milton’s feminine characters in both, his poems and his prose. His approach to the feminine gender in his work is very much defined by the historic moment he lived in and by the religious influence of the Puritan movement he belonged to, with the Bible as his keystone. His approa…


I´d like to be positive, but the more I watch the news on TV the more I realize that this year is not going to be an easy one. Unemployment seems to be one of the most important problems that we are going to face this year no matter where we live in. If there is unemployment, there is no money and people cannot pay their rents, credits or mortgages. If we cannot pay our debts, we will lose our belongings. If we lose our belongings, we have a problem, a big one, because noone will help us. Banks will keep it all and we will end up with nothing. Banks will not be able to resell all those flats, cars, premises and will lose plenty of money. Consequently, crisis will end up in a megacrisis with no way out. 
Solution: switch off the TV.