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A dangerous method

Last week, I was given two cinema tickets to watch the film "A Dangerous Method". I decided to go with my son because I thought it´d be fun to go together, buy some popcorn and go for a walk in the city center. Off we went. The cinema was crowded with people who, like me, had got their tickets for free and most probably did not have any other plans for the evening.
I should have taken a look in advance and see what the film was about, because there are some scenes that are not appropriate for youngsters. As a matter of fact, I disliked certain scenes that are, in my view, unnecessary. The only reason we did not leave the cinema was because of my son´s willingness to eat the big popcorn box he had in his hands.

The power of words

Words are full of power. To use the right word at the right time is very difficult. To say exactlywhat you wantis not easy, even in your mother tongue. A word can be full of love, peace, happiness, but also it can be tainted with sarcasm, irritation, anger, or frustration. It can carry whatever we want to because we choose the words. We are the owners of our own thoughts and silences, but the slave of our own words. We decide.
I have taken a look at some of the longest English words, and I think I have never used them. However, I have used very often words such as love and peace.