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An astronaut in a 16th century church

One more entry about some of the things that caught my attention while I was in Salamanca, Spain. When it comes to first-class architecture, Salamanca´s New Cathedral is a clear example of how important details are. When you enter through the north gate of the Cathedral, suddenly you notice the miniature carvings that run in long stripes on the facade. There are hundreds of them in different shapes: gargoyles, rabbits, bulls, pigs, and even an astronaut. Yes, astronaut on the facade of a 16th century church ! When visitors are told about it, they spend hours until they manage to find him. Of course, the astronaut was carved just a few years ago and here it is just for you.

(It took me quite a while to find the astrounat...but eventually, I managed ! ).

Back from holidays !

I have just come back from holidays and I must say that I have enjoyed myself very much visiting my parents, meeting my friends, strolling in Madrid at night and going for a cold beer and tasty "tapas" to the city center. I also had time to visit the wonderful city of Salamanca, with its amazing architecture. Besides, I have also had time to read daily nespapers and a couple of books: A Brief History of Great Britain and Paradise Lost (PL). I had read before other stories and histories of GB but this one was written in a very easy-going way and was fun. It helped me remember plenty of things I had already forgotten about the history of the country where I lived quite a few years ago. However, it there is a book I wanted to read once more that was PL. I had read it last year in English but I had the feeling I had to read it this time in Spanish. There is nothing like reading any book you like in two different languages as you can contrast and compare the translation. In this…