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O shame to men!

A couple of weeks ago I read on the Internet that several suspicious packages were found on planes heading for the USA. Almost every single day I hear about civilians who lose their lives in Afghanistan and Iraq. I hear the same kind of news everyday. I have just had a quick look at some of today´s most popular neswpapers and I do not like what I have just read. The news all over the world is very disappointing.People kill people in the name of God. The North fights against the South. The South against the North. The East against the West. The West against the East. I am tired of all this. When all this hatred will end?, Will humans ever be able to live in peace someday?, Will religion ever be able to bring peace to the world?

The worst of it all is that it has always been like this. Since the beginning of times people have been fighting and killing others for a a great variaty of reasons. The list of reasons is endless: money, property, love, hate, jealousy, political reasons, religio…

Devilish doubtful consultations

After Belial´s speech, it is Mammon´s turn. He is sure that the only way to recover their heavenly position is by “peaceful counsels, and the settle state of order […] dismissing quite all thought of war” (II:278-282). He believes that there is no point in serving someone who imposes “strict rules” (II:241) to his followers. As he added a bit later on: “how wearisome eternity so spent in worship paid to whom we hate” (II:247-248).

After Mammon´s words, Beelzebub stands up and elaborates on the idea of hurting God through causing evil to God´s latest creation, a “new race called Man” (II:348). Beezebub suggests that they should find out where those human creatures are, “of what mold or substance” (II:355-356) they have been made, and “where their weaknesses are” (II: 357). If they managed to get the answer to those questions, they would certainly cause God deep pain because this “new race called Man” would stand against God himself. He finishes his speech raising the question of who sho…

Belial-like politicians

I concluded my previous entry with the Devil asking for advice to his devilish followers. He ended up his speech with the words: “…who can advice, may speak” (II: 40).
Suddenly, Moloc, who Milton describes as “the fiercest spirit that fought in Heaven”, (II: 44-45) stands up and delivers a long speech advocating for “open war” (II: 51) against God and his heavenly forces. After Moloc, Belial comes next. Milton describes him as someone who seemed “graceful and humane”, “a fairer person” (II: 9-10) but “all was false and hollow” (II: 112) in him.
Belial´s description reminds me of all those politicians who promise things endlessly in an attempt to win our valuable vote, but once they are in power, they simply forget about their voters. They give us their best smile in a graceful and humane way as if they understood our needs, as if they were close to us. However, the simple truth is that all in them is “false and hollow”, just like in Belial. Most of them, if not all, have the ability of …

He who can advice, may speak

Right at the very beginning of Paradise Lost, Book II, a devilish debate takes place. Satan the Devil takes the lead and, in a rather longish speech, he debates whether another battle to recover the Heaven might be a good idea or not. The Devil believes to be in the right position to address his speech to the rest of the devilish creatures because he is their leader, and in such a position, he has the right to talk to them. Using the Devil´s words, “me thought just right and the fixed laws of Heaven / Did first create your leader” (II:18-20).Being their leader seems to be enough for the Devil to speak to the other fallen angels about the advisability to fight once more against God´s celestial creatures or not. Yet, he does not seem to know what is more convenient and calls for help. The Devil asks the other angels for support in an attempt to decide whether an open war or a covert guile might be the right strategy to fight against God´s forces. However, before any fallen angel utters …