Ants, Haiku and You

I do not remember having told you the reason why I started this blog. I will tell you briefly: a friend of mine who lives in Madrid opened his blog a few months ago and told me that it was a very nice experience to write and share information with others even if you did not know them. At first I was a bit reluctant to open my own blog because I was not sure whether it would make sense to write to an abstract reader, to a cybernetic reader who I cannot see. So, one day I just logged in and posted my first poem and comment. I felt good. I did not know whether somebody would ever find the way to reach my blog until I realized that in the icon of statistics that you can see by scrolling down the page, there is a little man in red and a number. By clicking there twice, you get a map of the world with small red stars. Each star is a reader or a group of readers. It is amazing how many red stars from so many different parts of the world I can see even though I just opened this blog a month ago !

If you are a reader, you are my star. Thank you for being there.

The following poem is dedicated to the person who encouraged me to open the blog. He is a bohemian man of science, a man whose enormous interest in the small ant has broadened my interest in the little things that make life worth living.

As ants are a very small animal I believe the brief poem below, which is an example of traditional Japanese poetry or haiku, is one of the best ways to refer to ants in poetry.

Harvester ants at work in a Madrid street.
(Photograph posted with permission of the author)

Also, this video from the same author shows in detail how active ants can be:

Shuson Kato (1905-1993)

I kill an ant
and realize my three children
have been watching.

To read more about haiku, see here.

I would appreciate if you could send me a poem about ants where they are depicted as lovely working creatures in constant motion. Unfortunately, in the one above, they die. Thank you very much.


  1. I love the picture of ants! I wish I could understand Spanish and read your friend's blog, it looks fascinating!

  2. Hi Panishka,
    In his blog, there is a Google gadget in the right hand side of the screen that allows you to have the text translated automatically. The translation is not perfect but it helps a lot.


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